Top 5 Best Mobile Trading Applications

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: April 23, 2020.

Well! trading in stock investments expects a phone call to a stockbroker who would prove considerably high-priced to administer your stock trade.

These days, you can start your own stock businesses through your preferred broker’s website or stock trading application.

Mobile apps have become hugely prevalent. They are making your experience more informal. You can purchase flight tickets, book other luxuries like accommodations or trade on the stock exchange.

There are loads of trading apps out there so you may preserve your precious time and pick the most salutary free trading app. Trading apps catering free stock and ETF speculation have become pretty famous, so it meriting to take a glance at them if you don’t want to pay fortunes on your dealing charges.

We acknowledge that we all are breathing through an extraordinarily unpredictable time as we deal with this global predicament (COVID-19), and commercial businesses have also seen unusual changes, influencing all investors. But the mission of any reliable trading apps has always been to encourage and assist people to make the most versed choices about whence, and where to invest.

Well! According to stockapps, modern traders can’t work without special mobile apps. There are not only those that help to find a reliable deal but also to communicate.

Best Mobile Trading Applications

Regardless of whether you are going to look for attractive long-term investment assets or focus on instant transactions, the mobile application for trading will help you always stay up to date with the latest developments, quickly responding to market fluctuations.

Indeed, most modern apps are not just a “wallet” for your digital assets, but
a complete tool. It helps sell or buy the necessary positions on time, keep
the investor informed of the latest trends by broadcasting signals to promising
movements even to an inexperienced beginner.

Main Advantages

For productive work, it is very important to be in a comfortable environment where you can immerse yourself in the analysis of the current stock situation. The application will be an excellent solution that provides you with the opportunity to make deals in any convenient place for you. Its advantages include the following:

  1. Mobility: you can trade in a bus, taxi or even in a shop. This is important for those who are constantly on the road or decided to get out on vacation.
  2. Availability: with the correct configuration of the terminal, there is an opportunity to receive push notifications on the phone about the occurrence of certain events (exchange rise to a certain level or the formation of a trend).
  3. Security: it’s possible to enter the app and make transactions using two-factor authentication.
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Wide Selection

There are many applications that make life more prosperous for current merchants. Their main advantages are low requirements for the performance of technical devices, high efficiency and ease of use. However, the possibilities of mobile trading stock services vary significantly. For an investor, functionality can be a determining factor. We believe that the important parameters are:

⦁ the available security configurations;
⦁ the convenience of the service (how easy it is to use, choose the right paper and make a deal);
⦁ the functionality (availability of graphical tools, the ability to place orders out of the market, as well as use the stop loss and take profit options);
⦁ the content (availability of charts, information on coupons and dividends, as well as analytical support and recommendations).

Let’s check the most popular applications that will make your gadget a full-fledged, efficient and secure workplace.

  1. MetaTrader is the most common platform, which is practically similar to the computer version. This terminal is used by all companies providing access to Forex trading.
  2. Libertex is a very convenient app for newbies. When using it, you do not need to know basic terminology, lots, etc.
  3. Real-time Stock Tracker + Alerts does an excellent job of monitoring various finance portfolios. Quotes, charts, economic news, and an event calendar will be at your fingertips at any time of the day.
  4. ActTrader will help you monitor the status of accounts and give access to history. There are several types of graphs, scaling and auto-scrolling functions, as well as the ability to synchronize accounts.
  5. Heat Map is focused on the maximum visualization of technical analysis. The user can track the price changes of 20 major exchange currencies, as well as the rate of each of them concerning other financial assets.
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Following the augmentation of online markets, people have presented an occasion to try themselves in just anything they are engrossed in. In case you’ve always desired to be a stock trader but springing this type of business was too costly and demanded a lot of energy, now it’s the accurate time to commence making with all-embracing and smooth stock trading apps you have learned about in this article.

Using applications for a smartphone, a dealer has less functionality, but more mobility. By installing the mobile trading apps on his phone, he will be able to open and close transactions at any time. Finally, each broker has to independently test various platforms, after which he will determine the one that suits him the most.


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