5 Best Android and iOS Phone Tracker Apps

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: February 28, 2022.

Technology advancements have allowed families to better ensure the safety of their loved ones, and this can be done using tracker apps to locate their loved ones.

You can track the location and activities of a phone using tracking apps if you have permission. The ability of cell phones to communicate their location with a dashboard connected to another cell phone is possible thanks to inbuilt GPS.

In addition to providing you with the location of your device, the phone tracker app also provides you with features like monitoring their call logs, call histories, application usage, social media consumption, and websites they visit. 

Parents or employers can use this feature to monitor their children’s or workers’ online activities without attracting attention.

In these apps, you can easily know where your children are, which keeps them reachable in the case of unavoidable circumstances and lets you tell them where they are from anywhere.

Using these apps is illegal unless you have the permission of an individual or a legal entity, but you are allowed to use them on your children under the age of thirteen. You should consider the following top phone tracker apps when choosing one of them.

This article is intended for educational purposes only, to keep notice of your children or beloved ones’ activity. We highly discourage illegitimate usage of any spy program and we are not the developers of any such program.

Here are The Top 5 Phone Tracker Apps for Cell Phones


It covers a wide range of social media applications and is completely stealthy during the whole tracking period, which makes it one of the best phone tracker apps.

In order to prevent your target from doing unsafe or prohibited activities on their devices, uMobix lets you synchronize your target’s data with your cell phone dashboard.

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Using this product is beneficial because it doesn’t lag and it records all activities on the device you are tracking. All of this information is available whenever you are ready, ensuring you don’t miss any important moments.

uMobix instantly notifies you if the individual you are tracking steps outside a geo-fenced area by sending his or her coordinates to your device.

AppSafari is well-designed and has an easy-to-navigate interface, making it a good option to consider, due to its detailed mode of usage.

This app enables you to track rooted applications and examine deleted or hidden content of your targets, which makes it one of the few apps capable of doing so. 

It is also among the most reasonably priced. According to your budget and device, you can choose different plans.  The plans range from $29.9 to $139 depending on the length of time you wish to use the service.

Subscribing, resubscribing, and opting out is extremely easy. Both Android and iOS devices can use it.


Using this application, you can instantly monitor the activities of your children, spouse, or employees. As it works efficiently just like uMobix, it is a great choice to consider.

There are features that can allow you to hear or see exactly what is
going on at a victim's location if you choose to, as well as automatically
access the victim's location without being noticed. 

The spybubble pro application is highly stealthy, saves all information from the victim’s device, and syncs the GPS position of the target with your dashboard. Neither IOS nor Android devices need to be rooted to use Spybubble, and it doesn’t require any form of rooting to begin using it.

Despite its near-identical features to the uMobix, however, it is extremely complicated to use and rather expensive, making the uMobix a better choice.

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Using SpyStealth, you can track any device. Syncing SpyStealth requires manually installing it on your victim’s device and installing the app invisibly. Installed and activated apps disappear from the victim’s file manager, so they are not aware that such a program is running on their phone. 

As well as offering maximum stealth, SpyStealth can only track a victim when they are online.  There are other disadvantages as well. It’s not easy to finish jailbreaking an iOS device before you get caught, especially when it’s done without wanting to be noticed.

Jailbreaking is imperative to using SpyStealth on iOS devices. Due to the technicalities of jailbreaking an iPhone, SpyStealth is a great app for high-profile tracking, but might be difficult to use for users without jailbreaking experience.

With the same price tiers as before, you can pick from $24.95 to $59.95 depending on your budget.

Your target device is recorded as it connects to hotspots using SpyStealth. In the event that the internet connection goes down, you can make an educated guess about where the device owner has been. 


Similar to the aforementioned apps, Cocospy can be used to track mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. In order to record phone calls and other activities, Cocospy must be downloaded, activated, and synced to your phone like SpyStealth.

According to reviews, Cocospy requires rooting for some features to function, in contrast to its claims that it works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

This makes Cocospy arguably one of the best spy apps since it can track iOS devices without being installed on them. In comparison with other applications, the minimum plan is quite costly at $39.9. 


You can access the activities of a device with this effective tracking app that you can use without being noticed. The cost of Hoverwatch is among the lowest of all spy apps with a minimum plan of $24.99, however, this app can only be used on Android devices.

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Hoverswatch’s geofencing service lets you access your target’s phone without their knowledge, just like any other good phone tracker app. 

The application lets you view their call history, online activities, location, as well as take pictures of their location at your discretion. Due to the price ratio, Hoverswatch would have been an excellent alternative to uMobix, but it only works on Android and cannot track IOS devices.


If you are looking for a choice of phone tracker apps, these are the top 5 to consider. As a result of comparing the pros and cons of each application, uMobix seems to be the most compelling choice, even when taking into account the price-performance ratio of all the applications.

So, when it comes to recommending a phone tracker app, uMobix is the best choice.


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