5 Apps You Must Know About if Looking to Play 8 Ball Pool

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: May 8, 2022.

The Eight Ball Pool game is traditionally played on a billiard table. The table consists of six pockets, cue sticks, and sixteen billiard balls.

In modern-day scenarios, multiple gaming apps are available for you to play 8 Ball pool games virtually. With your relatives and friends, you can play these fascinating games online and earn 8 ball pool real money Paytm.

These gaming apps offer you a chance to earn real money. Hence, 5 topmost apps which you need to search online to play 8 ball pool games are listed below:

Note: Please be noted we do not encourage or support online gambling etc, and we don’t own such portals/websites, please follow your local laws and invest at your own risk. 



Are you looking for one of the leading gaming apps to play 8 ball pool games? Then, GetMega is one such app that is trending online. Besides 8 ball pool games you will find other games on this app too.

Carom, rummy, and poker games are also available here. This app attracts users due to its quick cash prize transfer benefit. The cash prize immediately enters into the registered account after winning on this platform.

The app will allow you to play other games to win more cash prizes. You will face no problem in using the interface of the real 8 ball pool Paytm cash APK. It is very easy to handle.

On Getmega you can undergo an extraordinary real-life-like experience by keeping video and audio features open during the game. Different challenges, daily tasks, and weekly hunts are regularly updated on this app.

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Gamethon is another such platform where you can play 8 ball pool online and win real cash rewards. The winner gets their money transferred to their Bank account without any delay. It has a hassle-free and customer-friendly interface.

The graphic features on Game turn the fantasy gaming experience into reality. Here, you can challenge and compete with companions. The rules are easy to understand. The game is quite enjoyable and will end your boredom.

Gamethon is an android based app, it offers other games such as Ludo, Solitaire, Uno card, cricket, basketball, fruit blast, and many more. You can also earn real cash by playing these games on Gamethon.

Pooking -Billiard City

Pooking -Billiard city gaming app has a very modern arcade-style pool game setup. Pooking Billiard -city offers slow-paced gameplay. This game is played with only one player. The app makes 8 ball pool games super exciting.

By Introducing Several updated technologies and features, it offers a life-like8 ball pool game experience. Pooking – Billiard city falls under the category of sports games. This game is accessible in many foreign countries. To win real money, you have to defeat your enemy while playing 8 ball pool on this app.

Moreover, you can also earn real cash by completing a certain number of challenges set in the pool game. If you can complete all the challenges, then you might win trophies. You can even brag about the rewards in front of your friend after winning the task.

This will validate how well you can play this game. The real cash amount gets transferred to the account of the user after winning. 

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Stick Pool Club

Stick Pool Club is one of the first online gaming platforms which offers real cash to the 8 ball pool game-winners. You can comfortably play pool games online by sitting at your home. 

You can either choose to play in the exchange for virtual coins or you can opt for real cash rewards on this platform. It is a multi-player online video gaming app. Stick Pool Club is obtainable on Android devices. 

You can challenge your opponents on the billiard table virtually across the globe and can master the gameplay. Many other fun games are available on this app like Live Poker, 3D Poker, 8 Ball Pool, 9 Ball Pool &CallBreakGame. 


MPL app offers you numerous games along with 8 Ball pool games. 8 Ball pool game winners can earn real cash on this app via Paytm. The money is transacted digitally and without any hindrance.

This app provides a wide range of different online real cash-earning games for the players to select.

Fantasy Cricket, Ludo Win, Fruit Dart, Pool Carrom Clash, Runner No.1, Bike Racing are some of the top games offered by MPL.

You can win real money, starting from a minimum of 1 Rupee to the maximum limit that you can reach. So, you must try this app if you are willing to make money from the comfort of your home. 

These gaming apps indeed offer the same games already available on the play store. Yet, these apps are special as you can receive real money by winning the challenges offered here. You can play and earn quick money with your co-players both known and unknown.

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These apps will keep you engaged backed by real cash earning opportunities.

Note: Please be noted we do not encourage or support online gambling etc, and we don’t own such portals/websites, please follow your local laws and invest at your own risk. 

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