The 10 Best Free Antivirus Programs For Windows PC

Pre-eminent protection against all forms of malware, spyware and other malicious programs is essential for a Windows PC, hence the top 10 best free Antivirus programs listed here are worthwhile to visit.

The 10 Best Free Antivirus Programs:

Why spend even a single penny when essential security requirement is fulfilled by the free Antivirus programs, Yes! you may enjoy matchless security with many free programs developed as an essential security suite for a Windows PC. A comprehensive solution for all kinds of expected viruses to ward them off, especially the modern forms of malware, spyware, phishing, adware and other malicious software or scripts is a challenge for a fresh operating system, hence to find out a “best free Antivirus program” is a subject of great significance. An active and updated Antivirus should not only be providing an effective way to dig-out the malicious files but to keep a sharp eye in real-time on incoming connections, the files being downloaded, the programs executing fake login pages (harmful scripts), and the identity stealers. With time, the things are getting computerized day by day and in order to keep your privacy not being intruded by anyone and to make your online life safe, a compatible tool is a mandatory requirement, hence here we’ve listed some top free Antivirus solutions that are found, oriented to keep your machine safe from all online and offline threats.

There may be some constraints which you may experience while opting the one amongst the list provided below as your preferred solution against the viruses, nonetheless, they are free and are equipped with what is required to keep your PC up and operating system unharmed. Giving out free versions doesn’t signify that the programs listed below are free for all purposes, but their usage is subject to non-commercial purposes. The solutions listed below were being tested by our team and found to be good enough to grab a chunk in our top list of free programs that can fight effectively against the settled viruses or to keep them out the reach of your personal Computer.

How We Have Tested The Individual Antivirus:

To grab a place in the list there are certain pertinent features in which a particular program is found to be rich and we’ve tested each A.V for the performance and the resources being consumed by the individual program during the scanning operations. Tests included the following parameters:

  1. CPU consumption by each A.V solution (through Task Manager).
  2. RAM that is being applied during scans.
  3. Real-time scan efficiency.
  4. Prompt on downloading the malicious file through Google Chrome.
  5. Individual file scanning enforcement.
  6. Alertness in sorting out the pages with harmful scripts.
  7. Efficiency against the bundled pop-ups like Olpair Errors.

AVG The Best Free Antivirus (No.01):

  • Lighter on System Resources.
  • Efficient PC Tune-Up.
  • Customization Options.
  • Solid User Interface

Not to be biased, although there are some big names left to be taken up but AVG free antivirus has secured the top position in our list because there are some solid reasons to believe. AVG gives you a very minimal of the tough time that you usually suffer while going through the scan operations with other leading Antivirus apps. The scan is also quicker to complete and consumes fewer CPU cycles. Simple and interactive interface, lighter on system resources and tighter on performance, while harder on the viruses.

Download AVG For Windows.

AVAST (No. 02):

  • Extra Features.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Comprehensive Scanning.
  • No Extra Pop-Ups.
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Avast free Antivirus comes second in the list with plentiful features that you might be looking to prefer for PC’s protection. With a strong password manager (or SSO solution), stable scanning options, low resource usage, and immaculate real-time security are some of the points where the product specializes in. Avast’s heuristic approach for digging out any hidden malware is where the product gets appreciation at common, further the extended real-time scan passes every downloaded content, Emails, Social media activity through a solid security tunnel. Avast has got a user-friendly look and an approachable way for the users to get their PC clean within few minutes.

Download Avast For Windows.

Bitdefender(No. 03):

  • Easy to Setup.
  • No Complicated Configuration.
  • On-Demand Scanning.
  • Complete Phishing Protection.

Bitdefender is a worthy choice to go for, especially when you are looking for basic security features (that were also included in the commercial edition). The product is certainly based on precision in detecting and killing all kinds of viruses or malware just with a smart scan, that could be initiated any time by accessing user interface. We’ve put Bitdefender on the 3rd spot because of one basic reason and that is, the consumption of too much machine resources on initiation of the full scan. Yes, it does slow down your Computer up to the considerable level and the high RAM consumption is the major culprit here. So you need a machine with good specs to enjoy this program. Nevertheless, Bitdefender is a strong contender in the category of free Av’s and is loaded with all great features that you might look for, in an ideal PC protection program.

Download Bitdefender For Windows.

Microsoft Windows Defender (No. 04):

  • Lighter on System Resources.
  • Efficient PC Tune-Up.
  • Customization Options.
  • Solid User Interface

Microsoft Windows Defender needs no introduction, a simplest yet a feature rich program that is immaculately built for real-time surveillance on what’s incoming through the internet sessions. MS Windows Defender hardens your default Computer’s security by adding an additional layer. A Microsoft’s recommended Antivirus solution to approach your protection status in the easiest way and to schedule offline scans to find out hard-to-find malware and other kinds of viruses. One can get this program as a default security measure which comes free with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

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Panda (No.05):

  • Suitable for Windows 8 & 10.
  • Simple UI.
  • Good Malware Detection Score.
  • Cloud-Based Protection.

Panda Free Antivirus is a choice for many. A lightweight A.V solution which remains even lighter on the system resources when it comes to scanning for the culprits residing within the core OS files. Panda’s performance has grown over the years and now the product isn’t offering the old complicated user interface. Malware detection with Panda free A.V is dependable but isn’t be considered as a feature-rich product because it lacks in everything else and comprises only a scanning option. Nevertheless, you are going to like this cloud-based protection system with impressive results and especially when it’s free of cost for standard protection.

Download Panda Security For Windows.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (No.06):

  • A Complementary Solution.
  • Prevents OS Infection.
  • Smart Choice Against Adware.
  • Decent User Trust Values.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware free product does something more to what actually free of cost Antivirus solutions usually bring along. It’s in fact not an A.V, but an aid provider which protects against possible malware while being serving as a secondary solution. Its core operations are smarter enough, not to interfere with your PC’s primary security tool. This lightning fast program is specially developed to bring quick results within the shorter period of time.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Trial. (Basic features will be still there even on the expiry of 14-days trial).

Avira (No.07):

  • Extra Features.
  • Comprehensive Scans.
  • Browser Protection.
  • Ransomware Toolkit.

Avira Free Antivirus is a choice for many but isn’t providing the same class as it did in past but still the overall score remains better. Luke Filewalker tends to stop occasionally and is not the easiest part to go with while the manual scan goes through directories, archives, and other media to hunt down suspicious files. Avira also seems a heavy contender for your system especially when it comes to giving a test with VPN client. But got loaded with mandatory security essentials that may prove worthy against ransomware and OS intrusion. Avira does give you schedule scanning options and real-time scanning with a free version, but with some constraints on the features.

Free Download Avira For Windows.

COMODO (No.08):

  • New Look.
  • Improved Virus Detection.
  • Sandboxing For Browsers.
  • Silent But Always Operational.

COMODO free cloud-based Antivirus has also made a spot in our list. The product is found successful and aced the list because of the web threats blocked during the test. Better on a system and tighter on malware. The version 10 is equipped with a new appearance and a newer way to protect your machine, where each and every unknown file is supposed, not to be considered as safe until or unless Comodo shield passes it. Although in the industry the solution doesn’t seem too much in demand but our tests with the program have shown it as a dependable security tool.

Download COMODO For Windows.

Adaware (No.09):

  • Simple.
  • Interactive Interface.
  • New OS Support.
  • Better Protection.
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Adaware free Antivirus is another tool that comes in a free form with basic security. This solution is basically performing its tasks as an effective shield against spyware and malware. The product has always been appreciated for its efficiency in blocking malicious codes and links. The program is extremely easy to setup and use but not as good as the other security tools mentioned above. Virus definition updates automatically and the UI is an easy thing to be dealt with.

Download Adaware For Windows.

ZoneAlarm (No.10):

  • Extra Features.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Comprehensive Scanning.
  • No Extra Pop-Ups.

ZoneAlarm free Antivirus is another product in the category which may come handy, especially when being considered free. The program is a licensed one from Kaspersky and is known as a recommended option for a reliable firewall and A.V protection. Not a full-scale solution but certainly enough to check out with what’s up with the programs being downloaded and the scripts visited during the sessions. Consider ZoneAlarm as a secondary layer of security and you are good to go.

Download ZoneAlarm For Windows.


Our Suggestion/Verdict:

Well! turns out, we’are already having much to be chosen from. Antivirus programs are certainly hard to be opted for, especially when there existing plenty of products with many advanced features. In scenario the probable match would be to rely on a solid A.V solution accompanied by a complementary tool like Windows Defender and the preceding idea would be to have a two-fold security layer intact. The free apps mentioned above are not with complex interfaces and are worthwhile to give them a go, further if you differentiate them from the paid one in terms of features the basic mandatory security is the motive of each program, whilst the paid ones are good to go for commercial purposes. By the end, it’s totally up to, how you choose your PC’s protection to be managed.

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