MSI Afterburner

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Version 4.6.2

Download the latest MSI Afterburner free for Windows. MSI Afterburner serves as an overclocking tool for the graphics cards where it is adapted to improve the utility of the hardware in real-time, and never let it come to a halt. While granting complete user-control over the graphics in terms of the memory clock frequency, advanced fan speed, GPU voltage, shader and much more, the optimum output of the hardware is truly plausible by employing this application.

The program works in sync with the highest potential limit of the graphics card, which does not damage the hardware at all, indeed the icing on the cake. It presents an overall itemised overview of the device with supplementary characters in conjunction with the customisation of fan profiles and benchmarking, in brief, MSI Afterburner accommodates an effortless and circumscribed approach to the video card.

The newest version of the application (4.6.1 final) is unconditionally free and supports NVIDIA GeForce 500 as well as AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards and requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime libraries. It shows some crucial information of hardware like the temperature of fans, their voltage, usage, and speed and all that is to be exhibited on the screen while gaming, which helps the gamers to keep an eye on hardware statistics. It Supports a triple overvoltage feature which provides the control of the Core memory and PLL voltage precisely.

Heat dispersion is a vital factor for graphics card performance, MSI AfterBurner lets the user customise an advanced or predefined fan speed curve, gives the green light to cooling performance system. On the tap, the program efficiently renders the information of the system in an On-screen display in a jiffy.

Download MSI Afterburner 4.6.1 For Windows

DownloadMSI Afterburner 4.6.1
Direct WPC Download

Program Details
Setup Name MSIAfterburnerSetup461.exe
Size 45.5 MB (47,714,304 bytes).
Source Direct Download.
Compatibility Windows 7, 8 & Windows 10.

DownloadMSI Afterburner 4.6.2 Beta 1
Direct WPC Download

Program Details
Setup Name MSIAfterburnerSetup462Beta1.exe
Size 46.7 MB (49,016,832 bytes).
Source Direct Download.
Compatibility Windows 7, 8 & Windows 10.

Being a multilingual program, MSI Afterburner supports the user worldwide and lets the user select language from the UI. However, it can be personalised according to the choice or mood, a customizable option for skins is available, the user can switch the appearance by using skin from the program or download a custom skin online. Indeed the personalisation effects are refreshing, never lets the user get bored. Moreover, the UI enables its user to capture the significant moments from the games and share them with friends via youtube, etc. it supports BMP, PNG and JPG formats

What’s New?

  • RivaTuner statistics server has been upgraded to v7.0.2.
  • The enhanced apprehension of active 3D application, providing the information to “Framerate” and “Frametime” while 3D applications are working simultaneously.
  • Fixed erroneous group names for graphs in Logitech keyboard LCD in text mode.
  • On-Screen display graph labels and delay for values have been fixed.
  • Download link to the Remote server and Android App.
  • Monitor the device using MSI AfterBurner for Android, but it requires MSI Afterburner remote server on the computer system to work.
  • Additional Core Voltage control for reference design NVIDIA TITAN V series graphic cards.

The hotkeys are available to switch to different settings smoothly where the user is in charge to handle the controls and formation, quite conveniently. Although, it requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime libraries, NVIDIA GeForce 6 or later series graphics card with NVIDIA Forceware 96.xx or higher, AMD Radeon HD 2000 or advanced graphics cards with AMD Catalyst 9.3 or higher devices. Additionally, there is voluminous control over MSI Graphic card; the triple overvoltage provides the precise control of PLL voltage and the Core memory.

Overall, It is an effective monitoring tool for hardware and provides easy access to boost the performance of graphics cards and keep them cool and productive. Gives the precise and detailed overview of the hardware all the time, as in-game monitoring helps the gamers to enjoy hassle-free sessions while having every bit of hardware performance right in front of them.