Why Is My Mac Running Slow? Ways to Fix It

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: September 5, 2019.

Mac products are meant to be top-of-the-line machines that can really up to the user’s expectations, however, if you are experiencing some problems with your Mac and noticing that it is rather slow, you may have some concerns.

Though Mac computers are usually regarded to be more electric than their counterpart Windows PCs, it’s not surprising for a Mac to start pulling up with signs like taking forever to boot, occasional freezing on clicking an app, or mouse cursor becoming unresponsive, etc. Apart from a sluggish internet connection, there might be many other instants where merely starting up the machine won’t save your Mac to go slow off the mark.

There are a number of reasons that can cause a Mac to run slower than it should, and here are some of the most common issues known:

Hardware Limitations

The hard drive is running out of space – Maybe you like to save a lot of files, or maybe you even installed a lot of programs, who knows, but for some reason or another, you’ve filled up your hard drive to the brim. Mac units usually have ample hard drive space, but it isn’t unlimited.

Rich graphics are too much to handle – The crisp images and animations on the Mac make it what it is, but maybe it is too much for your machine right now. You can trim down the animation graphics, which will free up some more resources for other items, helping your Mac run better.

Out of RAM – RAM or Random Access Memory is what keeps your Mac running. Maybe most of your RAM has been used up somewhere else or is busy with another task, whatever the reason might be, you may need to think about a solution that can either get you more RAM or free up some for use. Either way, you’ll need more RAM.

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Hardware problems – Again, while Mac units are made to run seamlessly and efficiently, sometimes the time just catches up with it. With new technologies coming out faster than ever, whatever was new today, could be old and outdated by tomorrow. That is an exaggeration, however, maybe your Mac unit is a little weathered and needs to be updated to a newer model that can handle the changes that are coming.

There Are Too Many Programs or Other Items on Your Mac

Too many programs are running in the background - You may or may not be aware
of it, but you could be running a lot more programs than you know of. Programs
could be updated in the background, taking up some much-needed processing power
and that can lead to a slower running Mac.

The startup has too many programs booting up – Have you noticed that every time you restart or switch on your Mac, a lot of programs take a few minutes to load? These could be eating a lot of the memory of your Mac; you’ll need to manage them in order to maximize the usage of your Mac.

Your desktop is too messy – There are a lot of people who want a clean desktop, and there are a lot more people who want easy to find programs, documents and more, leaving most of it on the desktop. While either step works, an overly cluttered desktop could be one of the reasons why your Mac is running so slow.

Trash bin has yet to be cleared out – Perhaps it’s been weeks or months, but your trash bin has been quite full for some time now. Having a full junk folder can really take a toll on any Mac, make sure to delete it all accordingly and regularly so that your Mac will run in better condition.

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PowerMyMac Can Help You Maintain Your Mac

There are a lot of solutions to the problems above, but if you want a quick and easy way to handle most of them, we recommend using PowerMyMac. It’s is a program dedicated to Mac users, to help them maintain the condition of the unit. Some of the features inside PowerMyMac are the following:

Uninstaller – Being able to uninstall programs and apps, efficiently and flawlessly, deleting temporary files and permanent files alike, making sure that your Mac’s disk space is kept clean and clear. This will also make sure that programs that aren’t in use and run in the background can be uninstalled quickly.

Clean System Junk Files – Help your Mac get rid of some junk files lying around and taking up more space than needed, with just a few simple clicks you can get rid of these problems.

Trash Bin Cleaner – Never have to worry about clearing out your trash bin every again, have a handy little tool available to you to make sure that it is cleared out properly.

Duplicate Finder – Being able to locate and delete similar files will help you free up some much-needed disk space.

Performance Monitor – Find out the general health of your Mac and know what needs actionable steps. This will help you stay on top of any issues that may come up.

And much more.

Having PowerMyMac on your Mac is a smart move and can definitely extend the life of your unit. Being able to handle all of these maintenance needs in one location will make your life easier and help you avoid the problems of a slower, poorly maintained Mac.

Updates Are Needed

Apart from upgrading internal hardware of your Mac, updating the OS would significantly improve its speed and performance. To get this done, you can install the latest updates package for the unit.

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Outdated Operating System – Apple often comes up with some significant updates for Mac units. It would be ideal that you keep your system updated and keep up with these updates. They may take a while to install, but overall they can help you run your Mac better, at least more often than not.

Outdated programs – Another reason why your Mac is running a bit slow, could be due to obsolete programs that need to be updated. Perhaps your browser is delayed, or your version of an editing program is really old, these factors can pile up and cause your Mac to run at a snail’s pace.


Overall, you can solve all of these problems at once by purchasing a new Mac, but that does not seem to be the economic approach. Most of these problems can be avoided by some active maintenance, which will help your Mac last longer and run as fast as it possibly can. You need to take steps to keep up the health of your Mac, especially if you don’t want to shell out money to purchase a new unit.


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