Mac Accessories You Need To Upgrade Your Mac Setup

By: Jav Zeb Iqbal.
Last Updated: January 03, 2020.

These days, it doesn’t matter if you step into a college campus, library, office building, or creative studio, almost everyone uses a MacBook for day-to-day business. And if there is one thing all Mac users can agree on, it’s that there are several different ways you can improve your workstation and general ease of use.

It doesn’t matter if it is your first MacBook or the fifth one, you must acquire some MacBook accessories. However, there is no question that it can often be difficult to figure out what to buy, what to prioritize, and what to leave out for another time.

So, we put together a quick handy guide into some useful accessories that you can purchase today to level up your MacBook setup and overall experience.

Let’s get straight into it!

  1. External Battery Pack

If you are someone who tends to use their phone often, then chances are you’ve experienced the frustrating feeling of being on low battery power and having nowhere to charge it. This also applies to those who are often on the move.

For instance, working from a cafe, library, or even airplane. This is where having a portable battery charger comes in handy. It allows you to charge up your devices wherever you go, without having to ration your power usage.

This makes it the perfect accessory for those who need a reliable power
source, and are tired of having to constantly run back home or find the
nearest outlet to continue their work.

However, if need a new MacBook charger, then you should consider purchasing a USB-C charger. We recommended acquiring one of Lention’s chargers, as they are universally compatible with most Macs and mobile devices.

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Additionally, they are also designed to be highly reliable, multi-functional, fast charging, and come with advanced safety features to protect your devices from any power surges or blowouts. Moreover, they are also lightweight and easy to carry when on the move, giving you the ultimate form of convenience.

  1. MacBook Case

You may have a backpack that you use to lug around your computer everywhere you go, whether it’s to the office or to campus. However, to properly protect your expensive laptop, you should spend some money on a quality MacBook case.

You can easily purchase one of Lention’s cases, which are manufactured using tear-resistant materials that do well to protect your Mac from any external damage. They also offer a comfortable fit, adequate protection, and a tight waterproof seal to keep any moisture from entering your computer.

After all, all it takes is one fall or slip up, and you could end up damaging your MacBook permanently. However, if it’s well kept within a proper case, then the likelihood of any serious damage is cut down significantly.

  1. Docking Station

Another benefit of owning a MacBook is that they come in sleek designs that ensure lightweight carry for use anywhere. However, the problem with this is that the number of accessibility parts have now been significantly reduced. This was done intentionally to trim down the overall size and design.

This can prove to be very inconvenient, especially for those who may need extra ports for HDMI access, SD Card insert, auxiliary cord access, etc. This is where a multi-port hub comes in handy. They will expand the level of connection ports on your device so that you can both charge and connect multiple external devices at once. This includes connecting external monitors, keyboards, or even charging your iPhone.

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You can also acquire a usb 2.0 10 100m ethernet adaptor from Lention, if you are involved in the kind of work that requires connecting to a local area network and working with multiple computers to share files or data.

  1. AirPods

Some of you may be satisfied with the normal wired headphones and earphones. However, the problem with them being wired is that they can often get in the way. This is where getting wireless AirPods or headphones comes in handy.

They are convenient, easy to carry around, and will not end up wrapped in a  tangled mess that can often prove to be frustrating to unravel. You can easily buy some directly from Apple or simply head to Lention and purchase one of the wireless earphone sets.

They are much more affordable than Apple’s AirPods, offer noise dual noise reduction, Bluetooth functionality, water-resistant, long-lasting battery life among other useful features.

  1. External Hard Drive

Even if you purchased a MacBook that offers a significant amount of space, given enough time and usage, you are bound to run out of storage at some point. And even if it doesn’t, you may just need somewhere more convenient and portable to access large files on multiple computers.

You can easily purchase an external hard drive that will allow you to store large files eg. movies or music files, and help save some storage space on your Mac. Moreover, an added benefit of transferring some of this excess data to an external storage device is that it will also help your MacBook perform better.

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Plus, they can be easily carried anywhere since they are so small, making them very convenient for those who are constantly moving up and about.

  1. External Speakers

If you enjoy listening to music, watching movies, or are involved in music production, then investing in a set of speakers will prove very useful. And while using your wireless earphones may suffice, sometimes you would probably prefer to use speakers to play some music for others in the house or the office.

There are plenty of wireless Bluetooth speakers available in the market that you can browse around and find to suit your personal needs and preferences.


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