Google Chrome For Windows

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Google Chrome boasts a secure and stable web browsing engine that is streamlined for the speed and optimum surfing experience. A fast and robust browser is a necessity for almost every tech user, Google Chrome, however, is the one for sure. Browsing these days is an integral part of online activities, and this smart browser is packed with some startling features comprising, accuracy, security, a set of contemporary extensions, and aesthetic look which is rare to find with the competitors in the market. With a user-friendly and minimalistic layout, it is a top-rated program among the web users, as obviously, no one appreciates the complex and cluttered interface. With the built-in Flash player and the PDF reader, it makes things even easier as one doesn’t have to deal with the annoying messages saying “download the Flash Player” over and over. Also, the PDF files can be viewed on the browser without any issue, thus, simply download and start enjoying the perks of this user-friendly suite.

Google Chrome accompanies a comprehensive menu for settings and customisation, that allows the users to make basic as well as the advanced changes. Thanks to its straightforward and old school layout, nothing is concealed, and the users can find things pretty quickly, manage the passwords, save the payment methods and the address (add or delete them). Above all, it allows the import of the bookmarks and settings from other browsers, also, permits to make changes to the user profile. To spice things up and stop the users from getting bored it offers a vast collection of themes that enhance the look and feel, they are available on the chrome web store, a lot of them and entirely costless. Moreover, the chrome web store contains a variety of extensions, that can be downloaded, turned on or off as per the need, they can simply be removed too.

Get an offline installer for Google Chrome and enjoy the platform which is unquestionably the whole enchilada of best browsing tools and features, including safe browsing, data sync, Google accounts integration, privacy mode, password management, customisation options, language preferences, soft-round look and much more. Chrome’s search prediction helps pages loading quickly and has made the browser look more lively and accessible to accomplish the searching tasks and URLs browsing. The whole suite is oriented to serve the web-surfers proficiently and is available for all the operating systems out there including Android as well as the iOS.

Download Google Chrome For Windows

DownloadGoogle Chrome 74.0.3729.131
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Size on Disk: 55.0 MB (57,774,080 bytes).
Compatibility Windows OS.

Google Chrome does not require any registration; however, when the user will open it for the first time it will direct it towards the sign-in page, but one can simply get rid of it by switching to the new tab. Using the platform without logging-in doesn’t put the user through the apprehensions, notwithstanding, in such condition, one will not be able to sync the activities or search history with the other devices. The Computer clean-up feature is something, not every web browsing app is armed with, but, Google has put it forth for its enthusiasts, it can find and remove the malicious software off the computing device. The privacy mode automatically removes the cookies, passwords and does not save any bit of data from the private session, further, the safe browsing helps a user and the device protected from harmful sites.