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Loading... Developed By Piriform | Updated On 5th of May, 2018  | (100% Clean – Tested).

Download CCleaner latest version setup free for Windows. CCleaner is a system cleaning utility; it expunges all the unnecessary files preoccupying the storage capacity for no good. Basically, it is an ideal tool for the techies who are intensely offended by the lagging computing devices, withal, it is equitably frustrating for those who frequently operate the computers. However, to add up to the ease of tech users, this is a beneficial tool which enhances the momentum of the system as well as improves its performance and productivity. Intrinsically, the software is formulated to tweak the redundant and inessential files automatically, gives the go-ahead to create some extra space on the storage devices, as the crammed depositories are the key originator of the dawdling devices. In conjunction, the software is capable of removing the entries stacked up in the system’s registry, which are invalid and counterproductive. Moreover, the system recurrently assembles the same documents, and again such files muddle up with the operating programs and hinder while being in commission. Often, there are the situations when the user uninstalls the apps, and the system somehow does not wipe out all the files it brought along or introgression codes that were formed to initiate the software, so this application makes sure to obliterate such stuff efficiently. Over and above, by creating extra space utilized by the files that were either broken, not installed properly, sitting idle and more, it enhances the performance and abilities of the PCs. 

CCleaner is a piece of cake, being an elementary tool it’s not troublesome for the consumers as it is not comprised of the sophisticated features, just one click and the program is in the brink, equitably convenient for the neophytes as well as the professionals. The program discards the files sitting idle in the system, without celebrating that they may be required further for any objective. Also, in the age of networking and advancing technology, techies are surfing online almost all the time utilizing the browsers, however, for the ease of computer geeks, the browsing apps cache some file impermanently like cookies, browsing history, etc. to access them promptly when required. These files nonetheless, also consume space and are hoarded in the system, so the cleaning utility clears the temporary records to perform its essential services. Moreover, getting rid of the browsing history secures the user and does not store the data on the browser, but, it may take a while to load the same webpage, so ideally it is not convenient for frequently used websites. Despite the fact, the disk cleaning enables the system to perform flashingly and starts comparatively faster than conventionally, which is entirely a delightful outset.

DownloadCCleaner Free 5.42.6495
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Program Details
Setup Name cssetup542.exe
Size 15.08 MB.
Release Date 23rd of April, 2018
Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10

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                Download CCleaner Latest To Old Versions:

                                     CCleaner Major Releases (Descending Order)
 CCleaner Version 5.41.6446.   (Setup Size: 14.62 MB).
 (Clean Summary, Betters UI, Supports Sciter & Windows 10 Cookies Cleaning Fixed). 
 CCleaner Version 5.39.6399.   (Setup Size: 10.69 MB).
 (Improved File Analyzer, Frequent Update Checking & Some Bugs Got Fixed, ). 
 CCleaner Version 5.20.5668.   (Setup Size: 6.5 MB).
 (PC Advisor, Android Application Launched & High DPI Support).