AVG AntiVirus Free

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Download the latest AVG antivirus free for Windows. AVG free is a robust anti-malware program, which has recently launched its contemporary edition with some bound and resolute enhancements to provide the users with unique PC security features. This costless application for computing devices accompanies a sturdy UI committed to barricade the malicious content and obstructs the infected files that can exploit the system. The application is particularly developed to keep the user safe from viruses, trojans, rootkits, and spyware in real-time. To put it briefly, it burns bridges betwixt harmful content and the user.

AVG free is a multilingual program and serves the users worldwide; moreover,  the application is straightforward to operate and accompanies a simple, clean and intuitive interface, which does not bewilder the consumer, as it has an information icon for multiple settings to help the user in case of any confusion.

The latest editions of the program are comparatively on the double than the previous versions; this indicates that the development team (Now a part of Avast family) is very keen to bring it to the top-notch antiviruses. This lightweight tool does not become the cause of lagging to any of the devices it is employed upon, as the anti-malicious apps often happen to slow down the machines and take longer to accomplish the tasks. Another notable feature includes the remarkable web protection it offers, as the techies browse securely over the internet and skim through the websites in an inattentive manner.

Being a powerful anti-malicious engine, AVG Free Antivirus obstructs the insecure links and does not download the attachments of the emails unless they are safe, the tool is equipped with email and file scanners for the computers. While surfing online, we may come across potentially hazardous content which is extremely harmful to our devices; however, the cutting-edge program is efficient enough that it blocks out any spyware and malware attempting to approach the system. Over and above it automatically updates and enhances itself by keeping the new features at one’s disposal as soon as possible.

Download AVG Antivirus Free For Windows

DownloadAVG Antivirus Free 19.4.3089
Direct WPC Download

Program Details
Setup Name avg_antivirus_free_setup_offline.exe
Size 347 MB (363,909,120 bytes).
Source Direct Download.
Compatibility Windows 8 & Windows 10.

Even though it is a costless utility, yet it is not capable of utilising full features offered to the premium version, the freeware has low-protection facilities for its users. The full-featured version is exceptionally loaded with multiple optimised options which are at one’s disposal the need of time, including payment security, protection from the hackers, webcam protection and much more.

Wistfully, the software is not able and willing to facilitate the users to bestow it for a business purpose; it is on the deck to be procured for home use only. As mentioned above it has an intuitive interface, in conjunction, the application has customizable settings option, which enables the user to either switch on the multiple or not as per desire, so the ball is in your court, modify the settings as they suit you.
The immediate prior update has been improved to perform lickety-split, you will now be able to get your system check in a jiffy with the optimised and powerful security engines. It is absolutely a beforehand tool however the UI is equipped with multiple scanning options to point the rouge files out; the scans may also be scheduled. AVG free is equitably suitable to scan the USB/DVD and other removable media. As soon as an unspecified up-to-the-minute threat lies athwart of the sight, it ambushes, stands firm against it and onslaughts it the very next second, so that you can stay away from them endlessly. Your online security is no longer at risk; the program will scan emails and attachments to safeguard you, withal, the web browser will now be vacant of unsafe links, any downloaded files will be scanned prior being available to the techies.